WATCH: 8% of fans would stop supporting their team if a player came out

8% of fans would stop supporting their team if a player came out.

Comedian Russell Howard ripped apart homophobic soccer fans who said they would stop supporting their team if a gay player came out.

A BBC survey released last year said 8% fans would switch off if their team had a gay player.

But Howard thinks this is absolutely ridiculous.

In the latest episode of The Russell Howard Hour, he said: ‘Who would care? All that matters is your team winning.’

He then joked there is already a tonne of homoerotica in soccer, like kisses, hugs and even crotch-grabbing.

‘Nobody would care,’ Howard said. ‘If [Philippe] Coutinho scored the winner in the Champions League final, I would suck him dry.’

Howard also touches on why gay soccer players may not feel comfortable coming out.

He says they wouldn’t want to be judged on anything but their skill, but also it’s incredibly intimidating being heckled by soccer fans at matches.

The segment takes a serious turn when Howard starts talking about FIFA holding the next World Cup in Russia. This is a country with a prominent ‘gay propaganda‘ law essentially gagging all mention of homosexuality.

(Via Gay Star News)

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