VIDEO: Modus Vivendi Launches the Glamour Line

Modus Vivendi Launches the Glamour Line from the Fall Winter Collection 2017-2018 inspired by the Glam rock style invented in the 70s in the UK.

November 2017. Modus Vivendi gets spectacular creating theatrical pieces for an over the top style.

The Glamour line is inspired by the Glam rock style invented in the 70s in the UK.

The Glitter rock style underlines elegance and strength and is made for the confident and stylish men. Modus Vivendi used embroided sequin fabric with inside elastane lining to create quality, luxury pieces for an edgy style.

Pull off a rock glam attitude and combine the Glamour line with black minimal pieces like tight pants, jacket, leather boots and you got yourself a Glam Rock style provocative enough for the Christmas parties.

The line itself showcases low cut brief, jockstrap and tanktop; inspired pieces take center stage on the streets.

Evolve your style with the Glamour line with layers of glitter and fabulousness; the style works equally well on the street or on the dance floor. Are you going to let your inner rocker Glam?

The Modus Vivendi Glamour line is available from €38.80

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