South Africa’s first gay choir is singing with Pride

The talented young men who form the Mzansi Gay Choir are making waves in the music world, all while preaching the power of self-love.

From Mamba Online:

There’s a history of gay men coming together to sing in choirs. Founded in 1978, the famous San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is credited as the world’s first openly gay chorus.

These choirs are a platform for self-expression and empowerment for an often sidelined community and an opportunity for gay men to perform openly, as and who they are.

Now, South Africa continues the tradition with our very own Mzansi Gay Choir.

Established in 2016 by Feather Awards founder Thami Kotlolo and mentored and trained by Brenda Mtambo, the twenty-something-member choir aims to showcase the vocal skills of members of the gay community.

Behind the songs, there’s also a message of promoting affirmation and self-acceptance as well as celebrating diversity among gay men, including our wide range of masculine and feminine expressions.

Read the full article at Mamba Online.

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