Justin Tranter, RuPaul, & more call for more LGBTQ visibility in music

GLAAD has teamed up with gay songwriter/activist Justin Tranter to create a PSA Calling for more LGBTQ inclusion in music. The video features a wide range of folks from RuPaul to country songwriter Shane McAnally and members of the Los Angeles Trans Chorus.

“Pop-songwriting powerhouse Justin Tranter’s inspiration behind this video project was to highlight the meaning of the close relationship between music and the LGBTQ community. The project gives an extended look into how music can be especially powerful for trans people during this crucial time in history. “If we don’t support the LGBTQ youth, if we don’t make them feel safe, we aren’t going to get all of this beautiful music…we can’t lose those to come,” he warns. Directed by Steve Pyne and Mia Roe.”

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